Write Your First Draft: A 12-Week Challenge

Ready to write a book but don't know where to start or how to find the time?

Write Your First Draft is your step-by-step guide to finishing your manuscript!

The course consists of 6 main modules and I, indie author Alex Benkast, will walk you through each lesson.

I will show you:

  • how to stay motivated and on track throughout the writing and editing process
  • how to identify your ideal reader, how to attract them, and why it’s important to start now
  • how to find ideas, and how to capture, organize, and structure them
  • plus everything you need to know to help you through your first draft, including how to prepare for and overcome common obstacles

This course also includes plenty of scribe sheets (your action items), templates, tutorials, and other resources designed to help you make the most of what you’ve learned in each module.

Writing your first draft is a challenging but exciting journey, and I’m happy to support you every step of the way. See you on the inside!


Course curriculum:

Module 1: Getting into the right headspace

01 Identifying your why + how to develop a growth mindset | 02 Choosing the right format | 03 Identifying your self-sabotage + how to handle obstacles when they arise | 04 How to build your confidence as a writer

Module 2: Identifying your ideal reader

01 Finding out what makes your readers tick, where they hang out + why being specific matters | 02 Market research | 03 Early feedback | 04 Facebook Audience Insights tutorial

Module 3: How to find + capture your ideas

01 Setting yourself up for success with the right environment and tools | 02 What to do when you have too few or too many ideas | 03 To outline or not to outline? | 04 Choosing the right platform | 05 Inspiration board tutorial

Module 4: How to organize + structure your ideas

01 The book mind map | 02 The post-it method | 03 The project management method | 04 Creating your synopsis or summary | 05 Basic structures for fiction and nonfiction writers

Module 5: Writing your first draft

01 Deadline setting, accountability + the 12 week challenge | 02 Research + tools | 03 The right starting point / first sentences | 04 Rules for writing your first draft

Module 6: Overcoming common obstacles

01 Focus, time management + getting organized | 02 Procrastination | 03 The marathon of the middle | 04 Dealing with criticism, including your own

11 Modules

Welcome to Write Your First Draft: A 12-Week Challenge

Bonus Module: How to build your readership + why it's important to start now

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